A downloadable game for Windows

Discover who you were as you play different musical instruments to regain your memories!

Creative Director: Clarissa Diaz-Silva
Producer: Caelan Perkins
Lead Designer: David Brock
Lead Technical Designer: Matthew Becchio
Lead Sound Designer: Caelan Perkins
Art Director: Michael Combs
Artists: David Brock, Clarissa Diaz-Silva, Wilmaris Serrano
Designer: Matthew Becchio
Programmers: Clarissa Diaz-Silva, Caelan Perkins
Sound Designer: David Brock

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip and double click the icon to start the game.

Recommended to start in 1920x1080 resolution fullscreen.

Keyboard/Mouse and Xbox Controller support.


Musical Memories PC.zip 44 MB


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Hello! I really liked your game, it was very well made and had a cool story to it! I made a let's play of it here~

That was lovely! Thank you for playing!

I thank you! You're more than welcome :D


It was a really nice game, well done <3


Thank you so much!